Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Custom Truck Bumpers: A Great First Impression

Once only bought for large work trucks, custom truck bumpers have become one of the most bought accessories for light duty and off road pickup trucks. Today, custom bumpers offer a stylish look and have been redesigned to make more sense to today's pickup owners and even if they appeal to drivers who need off road bumpers they still can make any full size pickup truck seem bigger and flashier.

Although they have become more stylish, custom bumpers such as Ranch Hand bumpers still offer excellent front end protection along with placement for other truck accessories such as tools and winches. Below you will find some reasons to get a custom bumper, how it can make your truck better, and which kind of custom bumper is the best.

Who Needs Custom Truck Bumpers?

Custom truck bumpers serve a lot of different purposes, the greatest of which is protection for the front of the truck. Many truck owners use their truck for a wide array of work and play purposes, some of which include driving through brush or in areas where wildlife crossing the road is common. In these areas, custom bumpers can keep the front of your truck dent free due to the way they stick out from the front of the truck and the grill protection they give.

Another plus to custom bumpers is the added front end weight. Although added weight may not be an MPG improver, with many trucks, a little weight in the bed or on the hitch can make the front end stick up in the air. This can affect traction on the front tires, steering, as well as the looks of the truck. A little added weight on the front can make a great deal of difference and even out the vehicle.

Lastly, one of the quickest benefits of the custom bumper is that it makes the truck look bigger. For anyone wanting a big, muscular looking truck, these bumpers can give you that quickly. They also help the resale value of the truck, so the benefits are definitely not all superficial.

Are Ranch Hand Bumpers The Best?

The short answer to this question is probably so. Ranch Hand is by far the largest company offering custom truck bumpers and grille guards today. They are definitely the largest company that can boast that their products are "Made In USA", and as the buying group they target are generally very patriotic, that is definitely a draw. And, that along with the fact that they are the sturdiest product on the market makes them the best choice for both personal truck and work truck alike.

Ranch Hand offers a large array of products that go along with the custom bumper like light guards, winches and more. Also, since Ranch Hand is such a sought after product, you can probably get them at a car parts or truck customizing shop near you.

Winch For Truck, Grill Guard: What Options Are Available?

Options available by Ranch Hand and other truck bumper makers include:
  • Front Bumpers
  • Push Bars
  • Grille Guards
  • Light Guards
  • "Headache" Racks
  • Bed Rails
  • Steps
  • Skid Plates and MORE!
Many of the Custom Truck Bumpers on the market today also can come fitted with fog lights, winches, and even hitch receivers.