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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Install A Bug Shield For Your Truck In 5 Minutes!

In your effort to upgrade your truck and make it perfect for you, you will find that few truck accessories are as easy to install as a good bug shield.  After a simple, 5 minute installation, you truck can be free of bugs on the hood and windshield as well as protected from possible dents, scratches, or cracks.

Although many think of the old, straight, flat plastic bug guards of the early 1990's when they hear "bug shield", today, bug and stone deflectors are contoured to the shape of the vehicles hood, making them nearly seamless with the front of the truck.  The question is weather they still can keep the hood and windshield clean of bugs.

I installed a Best In Auto brand bug deflector on my 2007 Chevy Avalanche in 5 minutes and am currently very pleased with the amount of protection I am getting.  A simple 5 minute job and a small price tag made it an easy choice to install one and give it a try.  I have had bug shields before on previous trucks and SUV's, but few have actually worked and this one definitely does its job.

First, the package came with 4 Phillips head screws, 4 washers, and 4 anchors so all that was needed for installation was a Phillips head screw driver.  The 4 anchors stick into 4 factory cut holes, so no drilling is needed. 

After the anchors are in place, a careful hand is needed to slowly start the screws with the washers and get them far enough in to start spreading the anchors.  Once all 4 screws are about 3/4 of the way in, make sure the bug shield is centered properly. 

Finally, tighten all 4 screws  and enjoy.  Fast and easy.

One complaint I have had with other bug shields has been that they were so close to the front of the hood that you could not clean behind them.  This Best In Auto deflector is only tight right in the center of the hood, so cleaning behind it is pretty easy.  The shape matches the front pretty well, so from the front you can barely see it.
All in all, I highly recommend one.